At Dungeon Fitness & Enrichment Center athletes are exposed to daily training sessions, clinics, and camps that focus on improving speed, technique, strength, stamina, flexibility, and stability to enhance athletic performance and improve their mobility skills. 

The Speed, Agility and Functional training space consists of approximately 3,400 sq. ft. equipped with:

Dungeon Fitness & Enrichment Center functional training programs provide for a progression within each workout and increased difficulty from week to week. Each workout session is developed to maximize results without over training. Class sizes will be limited to ensure quality instruction and feedback.

Each of our training programs will have a training age component which will allow athletes to train within their age group, as well as skill level.

Dungeon Fitness & Enrichment Center Speed, Agility and Functional training is a multi-sport performance and development training program that provides competitive and non-competitive athletes a unique training experience that is both challenging and fun.

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