Our Elite athlete program is designed to address the needs of the rapidly growing and developing of competitive and non-competitive athletes' athletic performance and general fitness. This program provides the physical foundation on which we will build upon to prepare for the more advanced training at a higher training level. 

Our development program is designed to trach the skills and strategies required to improve their quality of movement and address the needs of the rapidly competitive and non-competitive athletes for sports performance and overall health. 

In this program, we will introduce strength training. Participants are instructed on the proper positions and techniques to safely move and load their bodies to increase foundational strength, explosiveness, and conditioning levels. This program will also provide the physical foundation on which we will build up to prepare for more advanced training at the advanced level. 

We will teach skills of acceleration and change of direction to improve speed, agility, and sport-specific conditioning level for the competitive and non-competitiveathlete




Our training program will improve: 


  • Self-Confidence, Motor Skills, and Boy Awareness

  • Flexibility and Mobility 

  • Core Strength and Fitness level

  • Introduction to Strength Development and Plyometric Training

  • Speed and Agility Training 

  • Promote a Fun and Healthy Lifestyle and prepare athletes for increasing level of competition. 

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