Our Advance Athlete development program is designed to prepare our competitive and non-competitive athletes to compete at a high level of competition by progressing to more advanced sports performance training. We focus on the maximum increase in speed, strength, agility explosiveness, and conditioning to provide them with the tools to excel in whatever sport they wish to compete in. 


We offer professionally designed training programs aimed at improving each athlete’s Acceleration, Deceleration, Change of Direction Skills, First Step Explosiveness, Liner Speed, Reaction Time (Visual & Auditory), Lateral Quickness, Strength development, Physical and mental toughness, and sport-specific conditioning level. With our Strength Development Training, we focus on the strengthening of all major muscles of the body using various functional exercises and techniques to ensure Injury Prevention, Muscular Balance and Performance Enhancement 

Strength Training at Dungeon Fitness & Enrichment Center consists of two phases: Foundational Strength Development and Advanced Strength Development.


In the First Phase, our athletes will be introduced to the fundamental loading patterns and will develop a solid foundation of strength, mobility, and athleticism on which we can build the complete athlete.


In the Second Phase, more advanced strength development programming and overload principles are introduced, including conventional Weight Lifting, Olympic Lifts, and Plyometric Exercises. 

Programs Benefits

Our training program will improve:

            Flexibility, Mobility and Core Strength

            Strength Power Acceleration and Speed Quickness and Agility 

            Sport Specific Conditioning level 

            Sport Nutrition